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Cysts are smooth lumps that may be large enough to be seen from the outside. They begin as a build up of fluid inside breast glands. As the fluid builds, the surrounding breast tissue stretches, which may cause pain. To help relieve this condition, your physician may perform a variety of different procedures to manage the cyst.

Your provider will place a needle into the cyst in your breast and remove the fluid. It is unusual for this fluid to need any further testing, but if your provider feels it is important, it can be sent to a lab for tests. Breast cysts are very common, but it is rare for one to contain cancer cells.

What happens after the procedure?
A small bandage may be placed on the needle site. You may feel and see a little bruising in the area. Sometimes the cyst will refill with fluid.

If the fluid from the cyst was tested, you can call your healthcare provider in a few days to get the results.

What are the benefits of this procedure?
The cyst may stop causing you discomfort. Your provider will be able to make a more accurate diagnosis about the cyst. It will be easier to check your breast when the cyst is gone.   

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