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Comprehensive Breast Center Information Session Videos

Many women are nervous about getting their yearly mammogram. However, this screening is vital for the early detection of breast cancer, and early detection greatly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Here, MMC's newest Radiologist, Justin Miller, D.O., explains why mammograms are so important and how technology has changed the screening experience for many women.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. However, in most cases, breast cancer IS treatable!

In this video, Surgeon Shawn L. Horwitz, D.O. shares important information about the breast cancer diagnosis and surgery process.

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be extremely difficult. To help you better understand the post-diagnosis process, General Surgeon David Beaird, M.D. tells us how he notifies a woman that she has breast cancer and how he encourages her to keep hope in this incredibly difficult situation.

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer may feel an overwhelming lack of control of her situation.

Listen to what Surgeon Paul Pasarilla, M.D. of the MMC Comprehensive Breast Center says he does through the diagnosis and treatment process to put control back in the hands of his breast cancer patients.

"We always have hope. You're always going to be beautiful. You're always stronger than you think. And we're always going to be here with you each and every step of the way."

In this video, Surgeon Lisa White, M.D. with the Comprehensive Breast Center tells us more about the treatment of breast cancer and the importance of hope in the process.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be very scary, but the physicians at MMC's Comprehensive Breast Center are here for you every step of the way. In this video, General Surgeon Heather Dunlap, D.O. explains the post-diagnosis process and shares how she encourages patients along their journeys towards recovery.

Undergoing breast reconstruction following a breast cancer related surgery is a deeply personal decision that many women must make.

Here, MMC Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Brad Medling, M.D. tells us more about the goals of the reconstructive process and encourages those facing the decision.

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