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A Disease You Can Prevent

January 3rd, 2017

Life is full of uncertainties, but there is one cancer you can prevent.

Seasons change and time passes with the ebbs and flows of life. Children grow up, loved ones get sick, and current circumstances are only indicators of the passing moments. With so many unknowns, the control we are often offered lies in our responses.

Cervical cancer is different.

Did you know that this cancer is COMPLETELY preventable?Doctor Jason Pollock of Murfreesboro Medical Clinics OB/GYN department fills us in: Cervical cancer is a completely preventable disease. Precanerous changes of the cervix are easily detected and treated, thereby preventing cancer from ever developing.

With the help of advanced medicine, women have the opportunity to be proactive against cervical cancer. In a world that craves choices, there is a choice you can always make to better your health. Where do you begin to take these steps?

Early detection begins with routine pap smear screening,Dr. Pollock continues. Since precancerous changes of the cervix have no symptoms, this is the only sure way to properly act against this disease.

It is recommended that women have an annual exam with their Gynecologist.Not only does this ensure early detection of precancerous changes of the cervix,but it also provides a safe environment for women to build trust with their providers for whatever life might bring their way, ranging from children bearing to dealing with menopause.

At MMCs OB/GYN department your health is our mission. There are so many aspects in life that are out of ones immediate control. Let our team of male and female providers assist you in preventing unnecessary difficulties when it comes to your health care.

Make the choice you CAN make: your health. Schedule your pap smear with us today.

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