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November 6th, 2012

When we were notified by the Tennessee Department of Health, we investigated and found that we had purchased Hyaluronidase (wydase) for use in the SurgiCenter.  Wydase is an enzyme that assists in the absorption of anesthetic medications around the eye during cataract surgery.  Therefore, only those patients who had cataract surgery since May are affected (approximately 160 people).

Upon notification, we suspended use of the remaining product on hand, quarantined that product, and provided samples to the Department of Health for testing.  It should be noted that NO contamination or problems have been reported by our patients or others around the country from the wydase purchased from NECC.  However, the Food and Drug Administration and the Tennessee Department of Health recommended that we communicate with those patients to which this drug was administered.  Therefore, we have drafted a letter which will go out today to those patients that explains the situation.

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