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Symptoms of Anxiety and Coping Strategies

April 23rd, 2020

During this difficult time, more people are experiencing anxiety than usual. It is important to know the symptoms so that you can learn to better cope with it and get the help you need, if necessary. 

Symptoms of Anxiety:

1.      Feeling nervous or on edge

2.      Not being able to stop the worrying, worry about different things

3.      Trouble relaxing

4.      Restlessness, easily annoyed or irritable

5.      Afraid something awful may happen

Coping Strategies:

1.      Develop a support system: Select close family or friends to be your support system. Interact with them regularly via phone call, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. Maintain social interactions despite physical distancing.

2.      Establish a regular sleep routine. Stick with it despite being at home. Consistency is key.

3.      Eat healthy foods. Establish a regular exercise routine/free online classes. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

4.      Pick a new hobby or project that interests you. There are many free online courses being offered.

5.      Turn off the news, social media and relax. Stretch and meditate. Get your updates twice daily from reputable sources. 

6.      Be kind to yourself and others.

Remember that your healthcare provider at MMC is still here for you and would be happy to see you or discuss your symptoms over a telehealth visit if needed.

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As of September 23rd, face coverings are still required at all Murfreesboro Medical Clinic locations until further notice. MMC is dedicated to the health well-being of everyone who enters our buildings. We believe that this requirement is still in the best interest of our community, patients and staff.

While this may not be convenient, our goal is to protect our community. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own face coverings to enter the building. If patients or visitors do not have a face covering they will be given one. Any person who chooses not to comply with this policy will have their appointment rescheduled. Thank you for understanding. 

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