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MMC Podiatry Offering Shockwave Therapy

June 25th, 2019

For MMC Podiatry Patient, Brad, pain had become just another part of daily life. “I have bone spurs in each heel that were causing chronic tendinitis and I’ve been dealing with this off and on for the last three to five years.” As an avid golfer who loves spending time outdoors on his feet, Brad knew it was time for a change, “As I’ve gotten older, it’s made me start thinking … I have to get something done with this … I enjoy playing golf and being outside and doing things with the family, but it was becoming more and more painful.”  That is when Brad turned to MMC Podiatrist, Anthony Wright, D.P.M. Boasting seventeen years of experience at MMC, Dr. Wright knew exactly how to help Brad and formulated a strategy to treat his chronic pain.  “Dr. Wright developed a plan, which I really appreciated.” Before turning to more advanced forms of treatment, Dr. Wright recommended physical therapy and oral medications to help manage Brad’s pain. When those options were ultimately not enough, he recommended shockwave therapy, a new alternative to surgical intervention offered at MMC. 

Shockwave therapy is a simple, non-surgical option that requires no downtime. The therapy uses high-energy soundwaves to stimulate blood flow to the area where there is pain, “The shockwave essentially increases blood flow to the area to cause an inflammatory reaction to help the body to heal itself.” 

The treatment is conducted in sets of three to five in a consecutive week period, but patients often notice improvement with each session. In fact, some patients only require one treatment. Another benefit of Shockwave is the speed of the procedure, taking roughly five minutes and with no downtime. For Brad, the treatment has made all the difference, “I had my third treatment today and I am feeling a lot better. I just got off a golf trip with the guys and there was absolutely, a lot less pain than what I normally dealt with.” 

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