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Better Vision Made Easy by MMC Ophthalmology's Use of z-LASIK

May 16th, 2019

Look at the people around you. It is likely that you’re either looking at them through an artificial corrective lens or you’re looking at someone who is. About 64 percent of people say that they use a corrective lens of some sort. This correction is necessary for people to perform their daily functions such as driving and reading. In addition to contacts and glasses, there is another way to deal with refractive errors — a way that gives you your sight back. That simple procedure is called LASIK.

Here at MMC Ophthalmology, we use bladeless z-LASIK. This simple procedure uses high-tech lasers to shape your cornea so that the light focuses directly on your retina. The “z” refers to the first laser, which is used to create a flap above the cornea, and the second laser is used to reshape the cornea itself. This relatively painless procedure takes only about 10 minutes to perform. Patients usually notice improvement in their vision immediately,and within a few days, most patients reach or are near 20/20 vision.

Do you think you are a good candidate for z-LASIK and are interested in having the procedure done? If so, contact MMC Ophthalmology to set up a free LASIK evaluation. This process will involve the following simple steps:

  1. Initial Interview: you are asked about your eye and medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for LASIK.
  2. Diagnostic testing and measurements: allows the medical professionals to determine a treatment plan tailored to your eyes’ characteristics.
  3. Consultation with the doctor: complete eye exam is performed. If it is determined that you are a good candidate, the doctor will discuss the procedure with you.
  4. Scheduling the LASIK procedure: you will be provided with additional information regarding the procedure as well as pre- and post-LASIK instructions.

Take your first step toward a clearer life today. Call MMC Ophthalmology at 615-867-8050 or visit to schedule your free LASIK evaluation.

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