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Three Tips for Healthier Feet

April 25th, 2019
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Your feet are the body parts that are farthest from your eyes, so it’s easy to forget about them. Feet do their job every day, but receive less care than hands, teeth and hair. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, most Americans will have walked 75,000 miles by the time they turn 50 years old. That’s like walking around the world at the equator — three times!

Most people don’t recognize the important role that their feet play in their lives until something is wrong. That is why we encourage you to be proactive, and there’s no better time to start a care routine for your feet than right now. Give your feet the attention they deserve. Start by following these simple steps, and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes!

1.       Watch what you wear: Nothing will make a bigger difference in the way your feet feel than wearing shoes that fit. Everyone’s feet are different, so get the shoes that have the support and style you need for all of your activities.
MMC Podiatrist, Dr. Andrew LaMay, also shares, “As the warmer weather approaches, utilize sandals or flip flops by pool sides to prevent from acquiring planters warts or other foreign bodies.”

2.       Wash, wash, wash: That’s right. The shampoo dripping from your head won’t get the job done. Make sure you wash the bottom of your feet and between your toes. By washing your feet, you decrease the likelihood of getting infections and you are more likely to find foot issues sooner.

3.       Moisturize: Feet tend to become dry and cracked with use and age. Find a good moisturizer — then make your spouse do all the work! Your feet will look and feel noticeably better after only a few uses.

There are many more things that you can do to improve your foot health. These remedies will help you maintain healthy feet, but sometimes you might catch things too late or your condition may be more serious. If this is the case, do not hesitate to visit your podiatrist. Podiatrists are highly-trained experts in foot health and know how to give you the care you need to put you right back on track!

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