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Painless Skin Cancer Treatment Available

September 10th, 2018

Painless Skin Cancer Treatment Available

Skin cancer — two little words with a big impact, and certainly a diagnosis that no one wants to hear.  

Unfortunately, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, this is a diagnosis that approximately one in five Americans will receive by the age of 70. While no one wishes to receive the news of cancer, there are options when faced with this disease.

Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT) treatment is a non-invasive alternative to traditional non-melanoma procedures. SRT utilizes radiation technology that kills off the tumor by preventing cancerous cells from reproducing.

This treatment is not only effective, but it is also a convenient option for patients. The procedure is quick, painless and requires no downtime. SRT is also a great alternative for patients who may not be a candidate for surgery. 

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Dermatology is proud to be the only clinic in the area utilizing this technology.

Dr. Albert Kattine is proud to offer this new technology to the community, “SRT is a proven treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer that provides excellent cosmetic results with little to no restriction in daily activities. Our patients have seen life-changing results.”

Let MMC’s highly trained dermatology providers help you conquer skin cancer in a safe and comfortable environment. 

For more information about SRT, or any other skin issues, please call MMC Dermatology at 615-867-8220, or visit

Your health is our mission. 

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