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MMC Gives back through Hearts and Hands

March 14th, 2017


(Left to Right): Amber Gharing (MMC Employee Committee President), Nell Womack-Moore (Director of Human Resources, MMC), Chris Truelove (Executive Director, Special Kids), Savanna Davis (MMC Employee Committee Member), Stephanie Folkman (Director of Development, Special Kids), Joey Peay (CEO, MMC)   


(Left to Right): Amber Gharing (MMC Employee Committee President), Nell Womack-Moore (Director of Human Resources, MMC), Somer Brown (Development Manager, March of Dimes), Savanna Davis (MMC Employee Committee Member), Joey Peay (CEO, MMC)

MMC’s Hearts and Hands organization presented a check forthe money that was raised by employees in the 2016 calendar year. The amounttotaled $11,477.34! Special Kids, March of Dimes, and the American CancerSociety were this year’s charitable recipients.

“At MMC our culture is centered around helping others. Webelieve that in order to do so, we must take care of each other well. Ouremployees are committed to taking care of one another, and we want to extendthat same spirit to those in the community.” –Nell Womack-Moore, Human Resources.

MMC is dedicated to supporting the growth and well-being ofMiddle Tennessee, and each recipient is an organization that has proved to beinstrumental in making an impact in this community.

Hearts and Hands is an employee driven organization createdby MMC. Throughout every calendar year, the employee committee organizes eventsand various opportunities to collect funds on behalf of the chosen causes. Bake-offs,silent auctions, and jean-wearing days are just a few examples of the creativeways employees raise funds. Each year, the generosity of the employees,physicians, and overall departments is simply astounding!

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