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Dr. Lisa White Moves to Breast Only Practice

February 3rd, 2017

Hearing the words, “you have breast cancer” is a frightening time in a woman’s life. Between the shocking news of diagnosis and the great number of appointments, one of the most important resources in this journey is a trusting and healthy patient/provider relationship. We want each of our patients to experience this, and understand that some women desire a female physician.  

To help address this need, Dr. Lisa White of Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s General Surgery Department will be transitioning her practice to a breast only focus in 2017. Dr. White has felt a pull towards breast cancer patients for quite some time, and through prayer and wise counsel, she has decided to hone in her career focus.

“For a long time, taking care of breast cancer patients has been special to me. I love walking women through the difficult process of dealing with a cancer diagnosis,” Dr. White shares. She continues to say that advising patients through the difficult process of treatment choices, and sharing the joy the find in recovery is beyond rewarding to her.

“It’s a really exciting move for me! There are so many patients with breast issues in our community and in the surrounding counties who could benefit from the specialized services of our Comprehensive Breast Center. I feel a deep burden for these women, and I want to serve them.”

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s Comprehensive Breast Center combines Radiology, General Surgery, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to completely cater to our breast care patients. From diagnosis to recovery, we are here to make the process as convenient as possible. All of the physicians in our Comprehensive Breast Center are here to walk with you every step of the way.

Do you know someone who would like to make a connection with Dr. White or the MMC Comprehensive Breast Center? They can do so at 615.867.8040 or  

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