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Cooking Healthy for the Holidays

November 19th, 2018

The holidays are full of all our favorite things – family, friends and food! With carbs, starches and all of the pies it can be easy to lose sight of your weight loss goals in the last few weeks of the year. That is why MMC Weight Loss & Wellness hosted a free, community event on November 15th, called Cooking Healthy for the Holidays. Registered Dietitian, Sydney Elliott, and Nutrionist, Devon Cox, shared some healthy alternatives to classic, holiday treats. The menu included: veggie party cups, guacamole deviled eggs, crock pot green bean casserole, chocolate nut clusters and a very berry mocktail.

Additionally, they provided attendees with some helpful tips to keep in mind during the holiday season. See these below:

Holiday Tips

1.            Don’t save up calories for the “big meal”

2.            Water

3.            Portion control

4.            Make ½ of your plate fruits and vegetables

5.            Choose lean proteins

6.            Focus on family time instead of food

7.            Send leftovers with friends and family

8.            Take healthy foods to parties

9.            Eat slowly

10.          Use smaller plates

11.          Food journal

12.          Plan grocery shopping

13.          Use healthy substitutes

14.          Stay positive

15.          Eat something healthy before you go to parties

16.          Limit alcohol

17.          Go for a walk instead of taking a nap

18.          Avoid the peer pressures

19.          Plan your indulgences

20.          Lose the guilt

To learn more about MMC Weight Loss & Wellness, visit or call 615-867-8100.


This time of year is known for gathering, giving thanks, and typically…. gorging. 

Delicious, comfort food is a staple of Thanksgiving and many of the surrounding holidays. Nearly every recipe is loaded down with sugar, fat, and butter, which soon busts through belt loops as evidence of joyous occasions.

On Thursday, November 9th, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s (MMC) Weight Loss & Wellness department hosted a workshop titled, “Cooking Healthy for the Holidays!” to accomplish the goal of a community filled with healthy bodies, nourished by delicious food.

Five Senses’ Chef and Owner, Mitchell Murphree, was the partner in this effort. He cooked two dishes for the completely full guest list. Murphree began by showcasing unique ingredients such as freekeh grain, lentils, almond meal, clementines and more. He was introduced by MMC’s Registered Dietitian, Bobbie Marie Gregg, who also helped to Emcee the evening. Mitchell and Bobbie Marie’s personable and warm spirits only added to the impeccable aromas that filled the space.

Murphree served up dishes to each guest and allowed them to experience the fullness of flavors and satisfaction of consumption of healthy foods. He explained some of the basics of cooking, such as the proper firmness of a cooked chicken breast, how long it is acceptable for meat to be set out, and his favorite places to purchase groceries. 

It is safe to say each guest left leaving more informed and with satisfied stomachs.

Every person also left with special recipe cards, which are here to be downloaded as a gift today! Please see the dessert recipe card below, save to your device, and enjoy a nearly guilt-free goodie on MMC and Five Senses.

The team proved that food can be delicious AND healthy. The reward? Family time, good food, AND confidence in beginning the New Year! No one has to wait until January 1st to enjoy the benefits of healthy eating! When a willing spirit is combined with the proper ingredients, confidence is concocted.  

Enjoy the holidays with loved ones this season!

For more information about MMC’s Weight Loss and Wellness department please visit, or call 615.867.8100 today.

At Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, your health is our mission.


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