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Murfreesboro Medical Clinic & SurgiCenter is proud to announce the addition of Reece Rickertsen, D.P.M. to its Podiatry Department.

Reece Rickertsen, D.P.M. is a board-certified podiatrist who has extensive training in elective foot and ankle surgery, reconstructive operations, diabetic wounds, and has a special interest in foot and ankle trauma. Dr. Rickertsen grew up in rural Iowa on a multigenerational farm. Prior to attending college, he was trained as an Emergency Medical Technician. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Luther College where he was also a collegiate football player. He then attended Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine, where he received his medical degree in Podiatric Medicine and completed his Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, Michigan.

“Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is excited to have Dr. Rickertsen join our organization,” says Joey Peay, CEO of MMC. “He brings a great overall attitude care coupled with a commitment to patient care that fits well with our organization. We look forward to him joining Dr. Andrew Lamay in our Podiatry Department.”

Dr. Rickertsen is an avid sports fan who enjoys cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Chicago Bears. He enjoys cooking, woodworking and spending time with his wife, Jillian, and son, Harrison, and their two dogs.

For more information about Dr. Reece Rickertsen or to make an appointment, visit his provider page or call 615-867-8170.

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June 21st, 2021

What is a migraine?

Migraine involves much more than just a headache. It’s a very common neurological condition – about 70% of patients have a first degree relative that also has migraines. Migraines are not typically related to any brain abnormalities and no markers are present on brain imaging. The mechanism of migraines is not completely understood; however, when migraines are triggered, CGRP and other neuropeptides are released. These neuropeptides cause vasodilation and neuro-inflammation in the brain. Possible Migraine triggers include: weather changes, certain foods, sleep changes, dehydration, stress and alcohol.

When should I see a specialist?

If migraines or headaches are affecting your quality of life – you’re missing school, you’re missing work, you’re missing family activities – or if you’re having more than two headaches a week and are having trouble getting rid of them, it’s probably time to come see a specialist.

Treatment Options:

When you come in, we’ll do a neurological exam and we’ll decide whether imaging is needed based on your symptoms and your exam. Acute treatment for patients with migraines could include prescription pills, nasal sprays, or injectables. Medications we use to treat migraines target neuropeptides, neuro-inflammation and some cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels. We also offer Botox injections for chronic migraines (15+ headaches/month with at least 8 of these days including migraine symptoms), where Botox is injected in 31 FDA approved sites every 12 weeks. Also, the newest option for migraine prevention for people with refractory headaches is an every-three-month infusion.

If you’re suffering with headaches or migraines, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. Call MMC Neurology at 615-867-8090 or click here.

Dana Carter, APRN, FNP-C, MSCN, AQH

MMC Neurology

Hi, my name is Dana Carter. I’m a Nurse Practitioner at MMC Neurology. I am a headache specialist, which means I have special training and have earned an added certification in headache medicine from the National Headache Foundation. I love helping people feel better and improving their quality of life through treatment.

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Looking for date ideas, but trying to stay healthy? I would love to share some of my favorite date night and day date ideas that are tons of fun and will allow you to stay on track!

Keeping it local, let's first talk about some restaurants that offer healthier options and a great "date" atmosphere right here in town. If you haven't been to Primrose Table, it's a must! I love their seasonal, local menu. You can often find healthy choices on their menu such as fresh fish and unique veggie sides - hint hint, the coconut creamed kale is awesome. Try their marcona almond hummus, and instead of pita ask for cucumbers. You won't regret it. Another local date night spot is Steakhouse Five. Consider getting a lean piece of steak or a cut of wild salmon from their menu on your date night. While the tab may be a little pricier, there are some healthy options to choose from that are full of flavor. My personal favorite is their Brussels sprouts!

Often dates revolve around food, but there are great date alternatives in Murfreesboro that don't have to include a meal. Climb Murfreesboro is a great activity to try on a day date or evening date! As a couple you can learn a new skill and get active! Also, consider checking out local parks such as Barfield Crescent Park or the Stones River Battlefield, where you can hike and explore local history. If you are feeling up for it, you can pack a lunch and have a picnic - include finger foods such as string cheese, grapes, whole grain crackers and lean deli meats to make it easier. Be sure to stay hydrated - pack a big jug of water for your day full of activity. Dates that keep you active not only allow quality time, but help you reach your weight loss goals too!

If you are looking to venture out of Murfreesboro for a date, consider escaping to Nashville for the day. You can get your steps in by exploring the Frist Art Museum. They currently have a great Picasso exhibit all the way from France. It will be there until May, and I promise you do not want to miss it. Another favorite in Nashville is a little local restaurant called Epice. It is in the 12 South neighborhood and boasts fresh Lebanese dishes including lamb and fresh fish. The atmosphere is intimate, and the food is fresh and healthy; what better way is there to spend a date night? My personal favorite dish is the Sayadeya, a white flakey fish served with grilled vegetables and lentils. The street that Epice is located on allows for walking and exploring, so after your meal head next door to the park for a walk, or walk down 12th Avenue South and take a peek in all the shops. Another way to get those steps in!

Caring for your health should not be a chore. Here at MMC Weight Loss and Wellness, we’re all about creative, healthy fun! We’re here to help you reach your goals and establish a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions for us or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please call 615-867-8100 today!

Your health is our mission.

By Lauren Holland, FNP-C

MMC Weight Loss and Wellness

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Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is proud to be a partner in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Care. Dana Carter, FNP-C of MMC Neurology is a Multiple Sclerosis Registered Nurse, which means she is specially trained to help patients with MS receive the care they need. Here, she gives some advice for MS patients and answers some questions regarding MS.

When a person is diagnosed with MS, what is very important for him or her to know?

“When it comes to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), education is key. Many MS patients do not realize that some of the mood changes, fatigue and cognitive issues can be directly related to MS changes in the brain. Some symptoms can also be related to medications we use to treat MS symptoms.

I also think that caregiver support is pertinent. Family and close friends need to understand that changes can occur from MS and learn how to better support their loved one through those changes. If a spouse or family members are not aware of potential changes that can result from MS, it can cause severe stress on marriage and close relationships. Many patients develop depression and anxiety. If they do not have a good support system, this makes coping with their disease even more difficult.

I recommend that patients bring a family member to their appointments to help family understand some of the changes that patient is experiencing. Also, please visit the National MS Society’s website for patient/family support resources.”

What does it mean to be “a partner in MS care?”

“It means exactly that! Patients need to feel that they are being heard and that they are not alone in their struggles. It is important to ask patients when they first noticed a specific symptom or when it seemed to get worse. This can help determine if what they are feeling is a direct result of brain changes or may be related to medication side effects. Also, it is important for patients to understand that most MS patients will have symptom fluctuations from day today. They need a reliable resource to ask questions and guide them through the distressing and frustrating symptoms they may be experiencing.”

What is a “pearl of knowledge” for your patients?

“Minor infections, such as urinary infections or viral infections can cause a temporary increase in their MS symptoms. Patients may have a temporary increase in their symptoms during times of increased stress and when they are more fatigued. Your brain and central nervous control all bodily functions and symptoms, so ultimately any new symptom you experience could be related to MS or changes in your CNS. This is why regular visits and discussion with your MS specialist is very important!”

MMC Neurology provides MS diagnosis and second opinions along with ongoing medical and symptom management. We offer physical therapy, self-care education, neuropsychological evaluation, complimentary therapies and more. MMC has all of your expert MS care in one location including state-of-the-art infusion services and radiology services. We work to provide you with the personalized care that you need to live life to the fullest. If you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment, call 615-867-8090 or visit our website.

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Under the declared emergency guidelines currently in effect in the State of Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee delegated to local officials the ability to regulate the wearing of facial coverings in their communities.  Accordingly, Rutherford County has had a local face covering mandate in effect since late October 2020.  

The recently-announced decision by Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron to lift the local facial covering mandate for Rutherford County on March 15 does not affect the rights of individual businesses or organizations to continue to require face coverings to enter their business or facility. 

Therefore, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic will continue to require all persons, aged 2 and above, to wear an appropriate facial covering while in any of its facilities.  This includes all staff members, patients, visitors or vendors.  This requirement is due to our overwhelming concern for patients who are at greater risk of more severe complications from the virus due to their compromised immune systems or other underlying health risks.

Additionally, we encourage all members of the community to continue to practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene while continuing to wear a facial covering whenever you are around others, and especially while indoors.  We also encourage the members of our community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at their first opportunity.

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Before retirement, Tony Cali did not struggle much with his weight. His active job with the USPS kept him moving and helped him maintain a weight that he was comfortable with. After spending a year in retirement, however, Tony became less mobile and started gaining weight fast.

“The thing I was most concerned about was not being able to lose some of the pounds that I had put on,” Tony said. “But also, I was feeling a little bit lethargic – less energy, not feeling up to doing some of the things that I really wanted to do.”

Tony had tried to lose weight with diets like the Mediterranean Diet and the Birmingham Diet in the past.

“I mostly tried to do it on my own and was not successful,” he said.

In February of 2020, he decided to get the help he needed.

“I heard from a couple that I know from church that were involved [with MMC Weight Loss and Wellness] and were having success, and [they] recommended it to me,” Tony said. “I looked into it further and checked out the insurance side of it and decided that it was well worth the copays to come in and give it a try.”

When Tony began his customized weight loss plan with MMC Weight Loss and Wellness, he was concerned that it would be very difficult to make the changes that he needed to make to lose weight.

“[I had] some gradual weight loss starting in February and was very happy to see that it came along very well – a little bit at a time – and was able to reach my goal weight,” he said. “It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but only with the help of the nutritionists and the nurse practitioners here at MMC.”

Tony says that he was given the tools he needed to succeed in any situation. Whether it’s a creative exercise or a gathering with large amounts of food, he was not thrown off track because he always had a plan.

Tony said that the simplicity of the program played a major role in his success, but he also thinks that being honest with yourself and with your dieticians is critical.

“I think honesty is very important because you need to stay in the moment and you need to stay with the program, and you need to admit when there’s some difficulties or some problems that you need help with.”

Now that he has reached his goal weight, Tony says that his life has changed. He is now more mobile and has more energy than before.

“It works,” he said. “For me, walking every day was a key to success. But whatever you do, if you stick with it and just be consistent and honest and keeping going, you will find that you can reach your goal.” He added, "I couldn't have done it on my own. God, my wife, the MMC Weight Loss and Wellness team, my family and my friends have all been a big help and continue to cheer me on as I continue down my path of wellness."

MMC Weight Loss and Wellness Nutritionist Devon Cox helped guide Tony throughout his weight loss journey.

“I am so pleased for Tony and his success,” Devon said. “He trusted the process and was consistent week after week. He believed in the Weight Loss and Wellness program and was dedicated to reaching his goal. I am proud to have played a part in his weight loss journey.”

For more information about MMC Weight Loss and Wellness, please visit If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call615-867-8100.

Your health is our mission.

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Murfreesboro Medical Clinic & SurgiCenter is proud to announce the addition of Chloe Desnoes, D.O. to its Internal and Family Medicine Department.

Chloe Desnoes, D.O. is a board-certified physician who is now practicing at Murfreesboro Medical Clinic (MMC).  Originally from the Dallas, Texas area, Dr. Desnoes received her undergraduate degree from Baylor University before moving to South Carolina to obtain her medical degree from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. She later made Tennessee her home as she completed Family Medicine training in Jackson, TN through the University of Tennessee Family Medicine Residency program.  While there, she also served as Chief Resident amongst her peers.

Dr. Desnoes joined Murfreesboro Medical Clinic in 2021 and is thrilled to provide care for the patients of Rutherford County and the surrounding communities.

Joey Peay, MMC’s Chief Executive Officer, notes, “Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is excited to have Dr. Desnoes join our organization. She brings an enthusiasm for medicine and patient care that will serve her well as she gets more involved in the community and as her practice grows.  She will be a great addition to our Internal/Family Medicine Department.”

After completing her family medicine residency, she moved to the Murfreesboro area where her husband has served as minister at a local church for several years.  She is elated to call Murfreesboro home, and looks forward to serving the community here alongside her husband and colleagues. When not working, Dr. Desnoes’s interests include traveling, cooking and spending time with her love done. 

For more information about Dr. Chloe Desnoes or to make an appointment, visit her provider page or call 615-867-8010.

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In 2011, Bald in the Boro was founded in partnership with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to help fund childhood cancer research through a fun day of head-shaving! Over the course of 10 years, local supporters and participants raised $500,000!

We are so thankful for the community's support over the years; unfortunately, this event has come to an end.

"It was a great 10 year run," said Jeremy Harrison, M.D., a Murfreesboro Medical Clinic pediatrician who helped bring Bald in the Boro to Murfreesboro. "We're proud to have raised funds in a way that honored childhood cancer survivors, angels and their families. I just want to thank all of the volunteers, shavees and honored kids that have been part of the experience. I hope we can all find creative ways to GIVE in the coming years as the work of fighting childhood cancer continues."

We encourage you to continue supporting the St. Baldrick's Foundation to help conquer childhood cancers. Visit to donate or to find other ways to get involved.

A Special Thank You To:

Our Sponsors: 

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic | The Beehive Salon | Lanes, Trains and Automobiles | Shea & Dugger Wealth Advisors

Our Committee Members:

Marshall Campbell | Carrie Fitzgerald | Denise Flanagan | Dawn Harrison | Dr. Jeremy Harrison | Lauren Knox | Jimmy Patrick | Tracy Tucker | Laura VanNorstran

Our Long-Time Supporters:

Long-time volunteers, shavees, honored kids, and supporters who made this event possible.

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The physicians of Murfreesboro Medical Clinic and SurgiCenter(MMC) are proud to announce a new scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to a U.S. medical/osteopathic school student from our local region who is also a member of a minority group that is underrepresented in medicine.

In 2020, the physicians at MMC established a charitable foundation to advance its mission to foster continuous improvement in our community’s health. MMC’s Board of Directors developed a Diversity Committee, led by one of MMC’s Vascular Surgeons, David M. Chatman, M.D. Comprised of a diverse group of physicians, the committee set a goal to enhance the diversity of the Rutherford County medical community through the recruitment and development of physicians from minority groups that are typically underrepresented in medicine.  These groups include African-American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, Native American/American Indian or Alaska natives, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or lower socioeconomic status.  One method to achieve this goal was to work through the newly formed foundation to establish a scholarship for minority students on the path to medical school.

The scholarship was inspired by Rutherford County’s own Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund (created by the late Dr. George Smith and Mary Scales), which was created in 1984 to help address concerns regarding the  African American achievement gap in the local area.

“Representation matters,” said Dr. Chatman. “There are physical, educational, social, and economic barriers which serve to dissuade diverse students from seeking leadership opportunities and membership within dissimilar communities. Diversity in representation helps to break these barriers down, and helps to normalize and realize the American dream for all Americans.”

MMC has recognized the need to keep up with the growth in our community. Rutherford County has been ranked as one of the fastest growing counties in the state and the country. That growth has led to more diversity among our community and patients. MMC’s physicians and leadership have recognized the need to support and foster more diversity among healthcare professionals locally and across our region. Thus the MMC Foundation, Inc. and the scholarship came to fruition at the end of 2020.

“When my wife and I were choosing pediatricians for our children, we thought it would be important to choose a female pediatrician for our daughters so that they could see a woman in such an important role to inspire them to pursue dreams and careers that may not normally be filled by women,” notes Joey Peay, MMC’s Chief Executive Officer. He continued, “As a group, the Clinic’s leadership wanted to assist the members of our community’s minority groups so that their children can see members of the same ethnic group in such prominent positions of leadership in the community. If we can help inspire local minority students to achieve their goal of attending medical school and becoming a physician, the program will have been a success!”

Final details and criteria will be available soon. Students interested in applying for the 2021-2022 school year are encouraged to follow MMC’s Facebook page and website for more details and updates.

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Murfreesboro Medical Clinic has temporarily opened an additional MMC Now location on the first floor of MMC’s Shelbyville Pike Location to continue to serve our community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We ask that you call us at 615-867-8002 for an estimated treatment time before you arrive. This will allow you to check-in from your smartphone and skip the waiting room. Online check-in WILL NOT be available for this location.

COVID-19 testing is available at this location, in addition to other acute medical services. Please visit for a full list of services, hours, phone numbers, and other MMC Now locations.

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As of March 15th, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic will continue to require masks in all facilities for all patients and visitors ages 2 and above.

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