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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a telehealth visit?
Video visits can be appropriate for a variety of primary care and specialty care visits. Your provider will determine if the type and nature of your visit will quality for a telehealth visit. 
If a prescription is needed, your provider can send it directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

Can a new patient schedule a telehealth visit?
New patients that are establishing care with MMC will need to contact the provider’s office directly to determine if the nature of the visit is appropriate for a telehealth visit. 

Are telehealth visits covered by insurance?
Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurers have announced they will cover telehealth visits. 

Will there be a cost? 
Telehealth visits cost the same as in-person office visits. They are billed to insurance and are subject to copayments and deductibles, if applicable. During the covid-19 crisis, some plans may waive co-pays for telehealth visits. Please contact your insurance provider for more information.

Is every MMC department offering Telehealth Visits?
Many types of appointments are available for video visits. Please inquire about scheduling a video visit by contacting your provider through MMC and Me Patient Portal or call. 

How do I get my video camera to turn on?
Make sure you have a video capacity on your device. Make sure the video camera at the top of your screen is not blocked or covered by anything. 

Do I have to have Wi-Fi?
Either Wi-Fi or Cellular Data using your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop with web cam with work. 

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