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Bladeless LASIK Surgery

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a revolutionary corrective eye surgery solution that uses an all-laser technology for the treatment of nearsightedness without the use of blades. The LASIK surgery procedure is considered to be among the safest surgery methods that any person suffering from poor eyesight can have to improve vision. It improves the quality of life for our patients experiencing the daily inconvenience of contacts and glasses.

Advantages of LASIK
  • Fewer complications and more precision due to the usage of an all-laser device versus a blade.
  • Better cornea flap quality and precision because the laser instrument creates a flap of the same thickness regardless of the shape of the patient’s cornea.
  • Dry eye, a common side effect after LASIK, is less in severity and duration with Bladeless LASIK.

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is the only office in Rutherford County performing LASIK procedures. We offer free evaluations to patients 21 years or older. 

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