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Weight Loss and Wellness Program

What our Program Offers:
  • We are a medically supervised program that is designed for you to come in once a week to help keep you motivated and accountable.
  • One on one individualized nutritional counseling based on your specific metabolic needs. We do not include a set meal plan so that we can help guide you in the direction for your likes and dislikes so that this is a sustainable lifestyle for you.
  • Our Nurse Practitioners monitor and treat hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other medical conditions as related to hunger, fatigue, cardiovascular concerns, etc.
  • The Nurse Practitioners may prescribe medications to improve obesity and overall health. Along with medication they may also offer weekly Lipo B injections which has a “decongesting” effect on the liver and promotes improved liver function and fat metabolism. It also can have a possible increase in your energy levels.
  • We accept Medicare and most commercial insurances. However, we cannot guarantee insurance coverage for our program. It is the patient’s responsibility to know their specific insurance plan details.


 Does my insurance cover the program?

We do file your visits with insurance. It typically takes about 14 days for us to see what your insurance plan is covering. We do not check benefits prior to your appointment. That would be the patient’s responsibility.

 How much does the program cost if my insurance doesn’t cover?

Your initial visit, which is an hour long is $125 and that includes your office visit with the Nurse Practitioner, nutritional counseling and the Lipo-B injection. Your next 3 follow up appointments are $100 which are 30 minutes each and that includes our office visit with the Nurse Practitioner, nutritional counseling and Lipo-B injection. After that you will see the Nurse Practitioner twice a month and those visits will be $100 and the in between weeks that you see a nutrition counselor only will be $50 which include the nutrition counseling and the Lipo-B injection.

 What do I ask my insurance to see if they cover?

You may ask your insurance if they cover nutritional counseling. Also, it is important to know if your insurance plan excludes the diagnosis obesity.

 Is medication required?

No. Any medication or supplements will be optional and/or reviewed by the Nurse Practitioner prior to recommendation.

 What kind of food will I be eating?

Our program is based off getting a well-balanced nutrition including lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and good carbs that you would purchase at your grocery store.

 How much weight can I expect to lose?

This is an individualized program. The average weight loss is specified to each individual and can be discussed with the Nurse Practitioner at your initial visit.

 How long does program last?

It is individualized based off our health history and the amount of weight you want to lose.

 What can I expect at my first visit?

At your initial visit you can plan to be here for about one hour. You will meet with a nutritional counselor to determine your nutrition needs and develop a plan for healthy weight loss. You then will see a Nurse Practitioner who will review your nutrition plan, healthy history, medications and perform a medical exam which may include a physical assessment, EKG, blood work, prescribing medications if deemed necessary and arrange follow up appointment.

 How long will my appointments last?

Your initial appointment will be one hour long. Your next 3 appointments will last about 30 minutes then your visits will vary between 15-30 minutes appointments.

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