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Nothing compares to the joy of having a child. Having a child, however, is not always simple. That's why we offer a strong program of prenatal education. Planning ahead and taking good care of yourself will initiate a great start for having a baby. And for parents to be, we provide all of the specialized testing needed to monitor baby's good health and give you peace of mind prior to the big event. When delivery day comes, you and your baby will benefit from the experience and advanced training offered by few obstetrics teams around the nation. In most cases, your physician will be available to deliver your new baby. However, under certain situations one of your physician's well qualified partners may need to be present during your delivery.

Some couples have trouble conceiving, and after 12 months of trying to conceive, it is important to discuss this with your physician. We offer an advanced program of preconception education and fertility treatment for mother and father. Fertility care may range from basic lifestyle counseling to advanced artificial insemination techniques. Whatever your need, our team will work with you and your spouseto meet your physical and emotional needs during this period.

To make your fertility treatment process easier, the majority of you and your spouses treatment can be provided in the clinic, laboratory and radiological testing, outpatient procedures, and testing for your spouse can be provided in a secure, confidential environment during this sensitive time. The Clinic's Urology Department is often asked to consult on matters of fertility.

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